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Welcoming Kyle Morton to the CommonGood Team!

We're excited to announce that the CommonGood team is growing in an important direction! Earlier this year, Kyle Morton joined us as a co-founder, bringing his expertise in tech and product development. With a solid background in building SaaS companies and a deep understanding of search, AI, and educational technologies, Kyle will help CommonGood reach more educators with better products.

“The AI revolution is in full swing, and there are many solutions for students and teachers already—some good, some not so much. What drew me to CommonGood is our shared vision to keep humans at the heart of education while finding ways to save time and money without cutting corners. It’s the kind of challenging problem I love, and I’ve found great partners in Carly and Evan,” Kyle shares.

Kyle’s career highlights include founding HapYak Interactive Video, a leader in video-based training, which Newsela acquired in 2021. Before HapYak, he led product strategy at RAMP, launching the first scalable video search solution for media companies. He also co-developed one of the first mobile advertising solutions at Third Screen Media, later acquired by AOL.

“The co-design approach at CommonGood is exactly what we need right now—creating educational resources that are culturally sustaining, locally relevant and highly effective. The big challenge is scaling it. This is a unique moment where technology can really help solve this problem. I’m excited to lead our efforts to use Ethical, Collaborative AI to make life easier for curriculum developers, teachers, and students,” Kyle adds.

CommonGood focuses on co-designing curriculum resources with and for diverse communities. By bringing together educators, community leaders, experts, schools, and districts, we collaboratively envision and create curricula that are both better and more reflective of the students they serve.

“Collaborative AI is about applying AI to real problems in real contexts, combining what algorithms do well with what humans do best. I believe this approach to curriculum development and customization will drastically reduce costs, exactly when institutions need to save money, while radically increasing the number of students who benefit from high quality educational materials.”

Kyle will be working closely with the CommonGood team, educators, and curriculum designers to develop solutions that enhance and amplify their work. We’re looking forward to the innovative strides we’ll make together.

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