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Our take

Teachers have a complicated relationship with purchased curriculum. High-quality materials are helpful in some ways, but seldom flexible enough to meet the needs of today's classrooms. And they weren't designed to center our students' lived experiences.

If teachers have curriculum that was designed with their students in mind, and that invites them into co-creating learning experiences for their students, they will be more emboldened and effective at meeting their students’ learning needs. 

Our approach

Your vision leads

Evidence-Based Design


Dynamic Enactment


Through our processes, education and community leaders work together to establish a vision for a curriculum that reflects their priorities and unique characteristics. 

We ground our co-design process in scholarship and research-backed practices. Participants become knowledgeable of learning designs that have proven effective in communities like theirs. Participants build clear definitions and shared language for what their designs should do. Supported by professional learning designers, these collaborations produce high-quality, customized designs, efficiently.

We are curious about how new designs are working in classrooms. We know that to meet students' needs teachers adjust, supplement, and refine their curricular materials. We support teams by staying engaged with teachers as their enactment of the curriculum surfaces new insights. We believe that by understanding what is working, and for whom, everyone's practices improve.

Our team

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We are a growing organization and excited to build our community of experts and designers!

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